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Further European Meetings:

EuCon '18


  • 2018 Ireland 1
  • 2019 Germany 2
  • 2020 Int. Convention
    Chapter France 3

  • 2021 Belgium

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Welcome at the Red Knights® International Firefighter Motorcycle Club European Association Website.
Here you will find all information about the Red Knights® European Association which is there to represent all European Red Knights® Chapter and MAL (Member at Large)

Please also checkout the calendar for events of the European Chapters and MAL.

Latest News:

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Our Mission Statement
  • To promote motorcycle safety
  • To project a positive image of motorcycling
  • To enjoy the community of firefighters
  • To engage exclusively in social, charitable, and educational activities directed at the general understanding of, competency, sportsmanship and participation in the sport of motorcycling.

We are a club for members ...

... of the fire service, and their families, who enjoy riding motorcycles.
At present, a minimum of seven firefighters are required to Charter a new Chapter but we have hundreds of Members-At-Large.
Membership is open to all firefighters; active, retired, volunteer, professional or industrial, who have access to a motorcycle and hold a valid motorcycle driver's license.

The Red Knights® names and logos are Registered Trademarks.
Being a member in good standing, gives you permission to identify yourself as a Red Knight® and wear the names and logos
but it does not give you permission to reproduce them on any type of material, including web pages
RKMC ® European Association© 2015